Thursday, April 8, 2010

American travelers content with airport security - Atlanta Business Chronicle:

With the new 10 machines coming to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, it is only safe to say that our air travel is becoming safer, hopefully the new security measure also help aliviate the process, one can only wish that lines will move faster and we will no longer have to nearly undress ourself in order to continue to our departure gates and ultimately our destinations.

I'd like to see the general public's reactions once these machines start being put to use at our beloved airport. I guess we can all adapt for the sake of safety!

Read the full article from the Atlanta Business Cronicle here

Happy travels and share your photos upon return!

Jen Yee And Hope Rush Named Finalists for USA Softball Player of the Year

Jen Yee And Hope Rush Named Finalists for USA Softball Player of the Year

It is always so refreshing to see our youth doing outstanding jobs in their areas of stregth, whether sports or academics, these 2 young ladies are definetely making all Henry County Residents proud. Congratulations to both and keep up the good work!

Clayton Co. Transportation Temporary Solution...

As all of you know by now, C-Tran, public transportation system for Clayton County stopped servicing its users a week or so ago. That, of course, brought a lot of complaints from all sectors, however, a new transportation service (Southside Transportation) has stepped up to the plate and assigned two 15 passenger vans to provide emergency van service, for a charge of $2 per person per trip, they will transport people from Clayton County to a MARTA Park and Ride lot on Riverdale Road.
Even though, this by no means replaces the services provided by C-Tran, it is certainly a sign of hope for all the people in need of service. For more information click here