Thursday, October 6, 2011

Union Grove High School in the Top 3.3% in the Nation!

Union Grove High School is named for the 6th year in a row as one of
the Best High Schools in the Nation!
UGHS has been named in the top 3.3% of high schools in the United States of America. They are ranked 887 out of 27,000 high schools in the U.S. Each year the best high schools are selected based on how effectively a school prepares its students for college. In addition the schools are selected based on how hard school staff work to challenge students with advanced placement college level courses and tests.
Union Grove High School has received the following Awards:
2008 Silver Award by the GA DOE for the highest percentage of students meeting and exceeding standards.
2009 Gold Award for 97% of students meeting and exceeding standards.
2010 Bronze Award for the highest percentage of students meeting and exceeding standards.
One of 38 high schools in the state and the only high school in the county to be listed as an AP. Merit School for 2010.
Most GHP finalists in the county for the past several years with 30 finalists for the 2011 program.
We are very proud to have such High Standards of Education right here in our back yard and to be recognized as doing so all around the country.
Congratulations to all the Teachers, Staff and Students at Union Grove High School in McDonough, Ga.
For more information visit the school website at

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Union Grove High School Spring Fun Fest...

Our very own Union Grove High School is planning a Spring Fun Fest 5k Run and 1 mile Walk. Registration will be taking place until April 22nd, 2011 at 12noon. The event will be on April 23rd, 2011 with Race Day registration/check in beginning at 7:45am and the 5K starting at 9am. The race course will begin and end at the Union Grove High School Campus.
Hope you all can attend. The school address is 120 East Lake Rd. McDonough, Ga. 30252.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Summer Camps for kids...

This summer several well known schools and organizations will be holding educational summer programs. Here are a few you may want to check out...

1.-UGA-Registration deadline is April 1st.

2.-CEISMC at Georgia Tech-Registration Deadline is March 26th.

3.-Westminster School.-Not sure of deadline for registration, however,you can find out more detail on this website link

4.-Wesleyan University(South Carolina)-Registration deadline is June 1st(Girls only-rising 7th,8th and 9th graders).

5.-W.I.S.E-Clemson University(South Carolina)-Registration Deadline is May 31st.(Girls only-rising 8th graders).

6.-Emagination Computer Camp-Mercer University.

8.-Oglethorpe University-National Computer Camp.

9.-Imagine That! Science Summer Camps(various locations in Georgia).

10.-OBAP(Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals-Summer ACE Program in Aviation-Atlanta.

11.-Pace Academy-Summer Programs.

12.-21st Century Leaders-Summer Programs.

If you know of any other Summer Program that you feel would be beneficial to share with other, please, feel free to post it here. You may also email me at

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moringa "The Miracle Tree" and Zija...

"Today you are where your thoughts have brought you, tomorrow you will be where your thoughts will take you". James Allen

For a long time I have been "thinking" of how or what to do so that I can help myself as I am helping others. I have tried many things, I have done many others, however, I was still searching for an answer. Just a few weeks ago I starting hearing, and reading about this "Miracle Tree", "The Tree of Life" who's scientific name is Moringa Oleifera. The countless testimonies of healing experiences, the numerous benefits that go back to this plant, do not stop to amaze me, and I am so Thankful that my "thoughts" have brought me to the answer of "helping myself as I am helping others" or is it vice versa?.
Either way, I am so excited that I have found a way to improve my physical health and at the same time I can provide my family with ways to improve our financial health. You may ask yourself, what is so great about it, well, just read the endless testimonies found here . It is exciting to be a part of such wonderful experience. To see people gaining their health back, to see the smiles, and their relief from financial burden, I tell you, God has been so good to us, to give us people like Ken Blairsford(founder of Zija Int'l) and Russ Bianchi (formulator of the product) to make this available to all of us.
If you know of someone in need of physical or financial healing, please, click here get-healthy-now, it will change your life!.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

American travelers content with airport security - Atlanta Business Chronicle:

With the new 10 machines coming to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, it is only safe to say that our air travel is becoming safer, hopefully the new security measure also help aliviate the process, one can only wish that lines will move faster and we will no longer have to nearly undress ourself in order to continue to our departure gates and ultimately our destinations.

I'd like to see the general public's reactions once these machines start being put to use at our beloved airport. I guess we can all adapt for the sake of safety!

Read the full article from the Atlanta Business Cronicle here

Happy travels and share your photos upon return!

Jen Yee And Hope Rush Named Finalists for USA Softball Player of the Year

Jen Yee And Hope Rush Named Finalists for USA Softball Player of the Year

It is always so refreshing to see our youth doing outstanding jobs in their areas of stregth, whether sports or academics, these 2 young ladies are definetely making all Henry County Residents proud. Congratulations to both and keep up the good work!