Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moringa "The Miracle Tree" and Zija...

"Today you are where your thoughts have brought you, tomorrow you will be where your thoughts will take you". James Allen

For a long time I have been "thinking" of how or what to do so that I can help myself as I am helping others. I have tried many things, I have done many others, however, I was still searching for an answer. Just a few weeks ago I starting hearing, and reading about this "Miracle Tree", "The Tree of Life" who's scientific name is Moringa Oleifera. The countless testimonies of healing experiences, the numerous benefits that go back to this plant, do not stop to amaze me, and I am so Thankful that my "thoughts" have brought me to the answer of "helping myself as I am helping others" or is it vice versa?.
Either way, I am so excited that I have found a way to improve my physical health and at the same time I can provide my family with ways to improve our financial health. You may ask yourself, what is so great about it, well, just read the endless testimonies found here www.myxtremesite.com . It is exciting to be a part of such wonderful experience. To see people gaining their health back, to see the smiles, and their relief from financial burden, I tell you, God has been so good to us, to give us people like Ken Blairsford(founder of Zija Int'l) and Russ Bianchi (formulator of the product) to make this available to all of us.
If you know of someone in need of physical or financial healing, please, click here get-healthy-now, it will change your life!.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

American travelers content with airport security - Atlanta Business Chronicle:

With the new 10 machines coming to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, it is only safe to say that our air travel is becoming safer, hopefully the new security measure also help aliviate the process, one can only wish that lines will move faster and we will no longer have to nearly undress ourself in order to continue to our departure gates and ultimately our destinations.

I'd like to see the general public's reactions once these machines start being put to use at our beloved airport. I guess we can all adapt for the sake of safety!

Read the full article from the Atlanta Business Cronicle here

Happy travels and share your photos upon return!

Jen Yee And Hope Rush Named Finalists for USA Softball Player of the Year

Jen Yee And Hope Rush Named Finalists for USA Softball Player of the Year

It is always so refreshing to see our youth doing outstanding jobs in their areas of stregth, whether sports or academics, these 2 young ladies are definetely making all Henry County Residents proud. Congratulations to both and keep up the good work!

Clayton Co. Transportation Temporary Solution...

As all of you know by now, C-Tran, public transportation system for Clayton County stopped servicing its users a week or so ago. That, of course, brought a lot of complaints from all sectors, however, a new transportation service (Southside Transportation) has stepped up to the plate and assigned two 15 passenger vans to provide emergency van service, for a charge of $2 per person per trip, they will transport people from Clayton County to a MARTA Park and Ride lot on Riverdale Road.
Even though, this by no means replaces the services provided by C-Tran, it is certainly a sign of hope for all the people in need of service. For more information click here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is in the Henry County air...

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love spring time in Atlanta. There are blooms everywhere, temperatures are simply perfect, sunny clear skies; today specially it has been an absolute beauty. I can see Henry County residents out riding in their cars, the ones with convertibles had the pleasure to let their tops down, others like me, just let the windows down to enjoy the fresh air.
What a joy it is to be able to appreciate good weather, friendly happy people in the streets and peace all around us. Seems as if, time just stopped, no worries, just enjoy the moment.
And how about Saturday afternoons spent at the Baseball Park, even if it's only a Little League Baseball Game, oh my, how do I miss those days when my son was playing T-Ball, then Baseball, to Traveling Competitive and High School. Every stage of his baseball years brought some joy, I used to complaint when it was too hot, but I always knew that I would miss it when those days came to an end. Now, he is playing College Baseball, however, being on the West part of the Country makes it difficult to be there and cheer him up during his games, for now, just memories of past years, in the future, who knows...Atlanta Braves, I got a prospect for you, another hometown kid that will help take you to the World Series!
Until the next time, if you are thinking of relocating to Atlanta or moving within the city and need assistance then, Click Here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Atlanta Airport Cargo is on the Rise again...

Hartsfield-Jackson's Cargo Traffic Rises Again
Airport's Cargo Volume Surges in Three Consecutive Months

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport officials said cargo traffic in November 2009 was 3.53 percent higher than in November 2008; December 2009 traffic was 17.89 percent higher than the previous year; and January 2010 saw an increase of 12.06 percent over January 2009.

"It's very encouraging to report three consecutive months of rising cargo traffic, especially after experiencing one of the worst global economic downturns in recent history," said Aviation General Manager Ben DeCosta. "We anticipate that 2010 will be a year of 'measured recovery' throughout the industry. We hope for a full recovery in 2012-2013." Those are definetely the kind of news that all of Atlanta's residents want to hear, and it is so encouraging to see possitive numbers to be reported, we are very fortunate to live in such a great city.

Hartsfield-Jackson's freight/express and mail also saw an increase during the months of November and December 2009 as well as January 2010.

"Hartsfield-Jackson has taken decisive steps to weather this global downturn by seeking out new markets and finding ways to expand our existing relationships," said Warren Jones, Aviation development manager.

Hartsfield-Jackson remains a resilient hub of global economic activity. More than 200 million people -- 80 percent of U.S. consumers -- are within a two-hour flight or one day of transport by truck of the Airport. Thirteen all-cargo carriers operate at Hartsfield-Jackson.

In 2009, Hartsfield-Jackson was honored as Air Cargo Week's Airport of the Year, becoming the first U.S. airport to earn the top prize among the annual World Air Cargo Awards. It was the second major honor in 2009 for Hartsfield-Jackson's cargo operation, which earlier received Air Cargo World magazine's Award of Excellence for the best North American cargo operations in its category.

These are more reasons to make Atlanta your new destination. Should you want to explore the Real Estate Opportunities in this Great City simply click here.

Source: Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport and Marketwire

McDonald's Inpirational Singing Competition

The Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Operators Association's The Gift competition is open to amateur solo artists and groups of four or less, between the ages of 9 and 15. The competition was created to help participants to build or start successful careers in music, performing arts, marketing and related fields through education, technical tools and life skills assistance. In addition to judges from the music business and the recording industry, popular musicians Canton Jones and Cupid are scheduled to perform at the final competition.

All aspiring participants must go to any greater Atlanta McDonald’s restaurant to obtain an entry form for a chance to enter McDonald’s Presents The Gift: Youth Inspiration Singing Competition 2010. Contest details, rules and regulations are also available on The Gift 2010 MySpace Web site, which is www.myspace.com/mcdonaldsthegift.

Auditions will be held at these McDonald’s restaurant locations:

* Saturday, April 10 — 830 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030

* Saturday, April 17 — 465 N. Glynn Street, Fayetteville, GA 30214

* Saturday, April 24 — 2700 Windy Hill Road, Marietta, GA 30067

Audition line-ups begin at 8 a.m. at each location, and auditions begin promptly at 9 a.m. Only the first 250 participants with proper Georgia proof of residence and qualifying age documentation are allowed to audition.

The first-place winner will receive a prize package including a $5,000 education fund and $5,000 in cash. Other prizes include a demo CD, vocal lessons with a trained vocal coach, appearances on local radio stations and more.

The final competition is scheduled for Sunday, May 16, at 5 p.m. at The Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University. The Rialto is located at 80 Forsyth Street at the corner of Forsyth and Luckie streets in downtown Atlanta.

Sponsors for the event are The Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Operators Association, The CW Atlanta, The Coca-Cola Company, Dr. Pepper and TreeSound School of Sound.

Source: www.atlantadailyworld.com

Thursday, March 25, 2010

For a while now, we have been hearing about the possible elimination of Clayton County's C-TRAN, well, the time has come and the County's contract with MARTA to run its public transportation system, is about to be terminated on March 31, 2010, leaving 60% or more of its riders with no transportation. Residents attended the Board of Commissioner's meeting on March 16th to express their concerns.
Yusef Poole, Staff Attorney for Clayton County, said the elimination of C-TRAN would help save the County money and that County revenues are down 19 million dollars compared to last fiscal year.

A request for a Federal grant funding for three vans to transport the disabled after the elimination of the C-TRAN, was approved by the Commission, although Chairman Eldrin Bell said he did not know whether the grant being sought could actually be used for paratransit.

Around 30% of C-TRAN passengers will now use Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) Xpress buses. GRTA currently with three express buses in Clayton County and expects 3,000 former C-TRAN riders to begin using those buses after March 31, according to the Clayton News Daily newspaper.

However, everyone else will be without a way to get to work, medical appointments, the grocery store, or just about anywhere not within walking distance. That could potentially create major issues with their residents no being able to keep their jobs, then, what's next. How can a County overcome an economic crisis when their main source of public transportation is being eliminated.

It will be intesting to see what effects this will create. As we hear more updates, let's share with one another...

Peachtree City in the Top 100 Cities to live in...!

We are very proud to find out that Peachtree City has been awarded the TOP 8th in the country on CNNMoney.Com's Best Places To Live 2009- Top 100 list. PTC has a lot of positive features to offer to their residents, a combination of the location convenient to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Int'l Airport, excellent schools, low crime, and golf cart paths thoughout the City put PTC way up on this prestigious list. This is a very useful information if you are assisting a client in the purchase of their new home should they consider PTC as their new place to live, even more, if you are not in Georgia and the question about Peachtree City comes out, now, you know one the biggest reason why Buyers should choose PTC as their new home destination in Georgia. Think about it, 8th out of the TOP 100?, even the City that holds the 100th spot is proud to have made the list, let alone, being 8th out of thousands and thousands of cities throughout our great country this is quite impressive and certainly a reason to be proud. If you need to search for property in the Atlanta area, including PTC in Fayette County, be sure to visit www.homesinsouthatlanta.com